Friday, October 10, 2014

Ready Made Card Kits

Here is a great way to see what Close To My Heart offers now in ready made card kits and treat bags for the upcoming holidays! I have used these kits and love the quality and value!

If you'd like these products, contact me today!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Boy's Monster Birthday Party

As a woman (a girl really) I find it easier to plan and understand what a little girl might want in a birthday party. And because my two youngest are only 14 months apart, I alternate who gets to have a "big" birthday party every year. So, this year was Oliver's turn. He is turning 8! Here are some pictures from the monster birthday party he had last weekend.

The eyes on the water bottles was an easy and fun way to carry the theme all the way through the party

This is the piƱata I made. I am just to cheap to buy them when I can make one for about $3.00. I picked orange because I like the bright colors for this party.

Even the cake was "Monster." I asked the bakery to make me a "hairy" cake and they did a fantastic job! I attached a paper eye I made to a popsicle stick and cut to the correct height.  The mouth I cut out of black cardstock.

We played "pin the eye on the monster" so I painted a bright purple monster on a large piece of cardboard. This picture shows the monster when it is not quite done.

One of the gathering games (games or activities you do while your guests are arriving) was to guess how many eyes were in the jar. I dyed the rice using vinegar and food coloring. When dry, I added it to a mason jar and added eye. No one guessed even close! There were 55 eyes in this jar.
We had a fun time even though it took time and planning. The best part of the day is when Oliver said, "This was the best day ever." Boy does that make it all worth it!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A New Type of Kissing

This video is awesome at explaining a showing how to "kiss" two stamps together to add so many possibilities to your stamping projects! Check it out!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Embossing Tools

IF you have ever thought of embossing but didn't really know how, here is a super simple how to. For you DIY-ers out there, this is a great way to kick those homemade cards up a notch!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Homemade Thank You Card

The new Close To My Heart annul Idea Book is out! One new item is really nice for those of us who lack time in our busy lives to be creative. Cut Above Kits have every thing you need to make homemade thank you cards as well as other cards and treat bags. This is my example of the Cut Above homemade thank you card.
Homemade Thank You Card
Most items you need come in the kit and are precut. This thank you card kit includes the card base and envelope as well as the 3 different banners. Also, there are foam pop up squares and bakers twine. All that you need to provide is the stamps and ink. A pigment based ink is best for the black banner. I used White Daisy (z2163)

So, how much for this Cut Above Thank You Card Kit is $10.95 USD. That is just $1.10 for each card. So, if you are looking for a quick creative fix, I'd recommend making these homemade thank you cards!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Necklace Workshop

This is the first time I have attempted to make a piece of jewelry from the Close To My Heart Spring catalog. I was a little intimidated, but in the end pleasantly surprised at how simple the steps were to do (and do correctly).
I pick the top right image of an opened birdcage. These are all stickers so once you choose
your picture, it's just peel and stick.
  I chose the square shaped pendant in antique gold. Since all the stickers are square I thought this would make my first time easier not having to trim to fit the round pendant. Liquid Glass is the preferred adhesive. It dries clear and  relatively quick.
 Sorry the picture is sideways... Then I chose which charms I wanted with my birdcage.  I chose out of the Free Thinker and the Dreamer Charms.
 These glass covers go over the sticker once you place it into the pendant. The glass is a nice way to make the piece look polished and professional. The Liquid Glass will help adhere the glass to the sticker in the pendant.
Here are my choices. I thought I would put a few on one side and one on the other. 
 You can see that I changed my mind and put all the charms on one side. I like the look of it and feel like it is very hip and fresh.
I will be holding a necklace workshop in April. Contact me if you are interested in participating or have items shipped to you so that you too can join in the fun!